General Information

Supported Employment is the basis for all SERP services. SERP’s goal is to give all individuals who so choose the opportunity for employment at a reasonable wage.


Supported Employment Program

Individuals choosing employment will be assisted to find a job of their choice. Many methods may be used to arrive at the goal, including community-based assessment with opportunities to try out on some real jobs and do some job exploration in the community.

When appropriate, SERP partners with the Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Department. With the assistance of skilled vocational rehabilitation counselors, additional supports are available to assure successful employment.

Client Showcase

Louie Burge learned to do needlepoint and latchhook when he was young. Recently he learned to weave, and he's making some great stuff! Check out his website, where you can see his work, and even buy some of it!

Louie's Website - Louie's Loom

Clubhouse Program

The Clubhouse Program is set up, primarily, to accommodate individuals who choose to work on an intermittent basis. Some individuals work when they are able, and when they are not able or willing there are other consumers who can fill in.

The Clubhouse(s) are part of the Supported Employment department.

When individuals are not working, they may be engaged in meaningful activities both at the Clubhouse and in the community.

Some may work on a small crew, while others may work one-to-one with staff on an individual job. All workers are paid at least minimum wage.

In all instances, while individuals are encouraged to work, they are affirmed for the choice they make on any given day. This model allows jobs to be available when people can work, without the threat of losing employment.

Works Program

The SERP Works program provides crew work for individuals who choose to work but are not independent enough to work on their own. Crews may include flyer delivery, parking lot maintenance, and others. The Works program is responsible for some of the building maintenance in two of the SERP offices. All participants are paid at least minimum wage for their work.

Jamond at work at Taco Bell